Dungeoneering Check™

So, while I pursue my latest endeavor of writing professionally for the roleplaying game industry, I thought it might behoove me to put some effort into self-publishing some material that could generate interest and start to lay the foundation for a presence in said industry.

To that end, I’ve come up with a new title for this blog: DUNGEONEERING CHECK™.

In the new D&D 4th edition, the Dungeoneering skill is terribly useful for navigation, recognizing pitfalls (and avoiding them!), finding your bearings, feeding yourself, and knowing what monsters you’re likely to run into while down there.  As I said, all useful bits in a game dominated by the dungeon as a setting for adventure.

From The Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook (4e):

Dungeoneering (Wisdom)
You have picked up knowledge or skills related to dungeoneering, including finding  your way through dungeon complexes, navigating winding caverns, recognizing dungeon hazards, and foraging for food in the Underdark.
If you have selected this skill as a trained skill, your knowledge represents formalized study or extensive experience, and you have a better chance of knowing esoteric information in t his field.  Also, those trained in this skill can identify creatures of the Far Realm that lair and hunt in dungeons and underground settings.
©2008 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

In the Dungeons & Dragons game, a Dungeoneering check is used to remember useful bits of knowledge about underground environments or to spot and recognize hazards or clues underground.

I thought that it would be a great new title for a RPG-themed blog, and so here in all its glory is the first post under the new banner of DUNGEONEERING CHECK™.

DUNGEONEERING CHECK™ will be about all things RPG-related, for both the player and the GM, though – not just 4e D&D – not to worry.

In addition to roleplaying-centric content, there are plans afoot for regular columns on advice for the GM, advice for players, and perspectives from both RPG veterans and first-timers.  The first up on the schedule is GM’s SCREEN where we look behind the scenes at a combat encounter, and how to adjust a Skill Challenge on-the-fly.


2 Responses to “Dungeoneering Check™”

  1. February 9, 2010 at 10:16 am

    I think it’s good that you don’t want to limit yourself to 4e but don’t you have to worry about issues w/WoTC? I heard they made companies sign some sort of agreement if they wanted to publish 4e stuff then they couldn’t go back to previous editions.

    I look forward to reading your future blogs on gaming!

  2. February 9, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Well, as it turns out, I’m not a professional company and have signed no such agreement. Most of it will be fairly generic and not publishing any 4e books or anything.

    Thanks for the comment and I look forward to writing future blogs on gaming, so it works out!

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